Ar you struggling to grab your prospect’s attention?

Is your headline is interesting enough to your audience?
Will you like to ensure that your marketing message cuts through the clutter of information to address a real issue and make a connection to viewers?

Here are ‘5-steps to prepare an effective marketing message, that Cuts-through-the-Clutter’.

An effective marketing copy must:

1. GRAB the prospect’s attention with a well-written headline as the opening statement

Our exampleAre you keeping your business top of mind and interacting socially? OR Are you using Social media to find new customers, boost traffic to website and sales?

2. ENGAGE the reader’s attention with a sub-headline that builds on a headline that persuades the reader to read further

Our example: No time or expertise? No worries, our social media bees can help your business get connected and grow!

3. INFORM the body copy.

Give the reader some significant information on how you deliver the promise. Give the prospect or customer enough compelling information so that he or she can make a cogent decision.

Our example: Our knowledgeable and socially savvy bunnies can help you refresh your social media attraction and get people buzzing in like bees to flowers and produce the honey of success!

Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool – it’s a great space to keep customers informed, develop brand identity, and broaden your reach. We can manage your business Facebook presence from creation of your Facebook account through to social media posts with custom graphics, cover picture updates, update of services, and additional home listings to increase awareness of the general public and prospective customers.

We are results and goals focused: 

Set specific goals to increase followers and engagement to increase exposure of content created to connect and engage. We will select the right content type at specific intervals for specific purposes:

  • Business service information and advertisement
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Contest or offer
  • Creative/motivational posts
  • FAQs and answers.

4. OFFER: Offer a crystal clear, low-risk, easy-to-take next step to take action.

Our Example: Offer for the month!

Get a refresh social media page! Go from mediocre to attractive design!

Update your Facebook profile for only $99+GST to the first 10 customers, we will help you to customise and design for an attractive cover and profile image. We will also prepare a SMART social media plan and proposal to help you get more awareness, engagement and leads. Our monthly social media marketing and management service rates starts from $300+GST. Engage us to help you with:

  • Content planning, creation, and distribution
  • Customer Service in coordination with your key personnel
  • Collaboration with the marketing team to build online presence
  • Connection-building with other groups
  • Comment and share post to community groups relevant to business profile and reputation management
  • Build referring links back to your website for sales and offers.

5. Call to action – Close with a compelling offer.

Our Example: Grab our offer!

Valid until the end of this month or first 10 customers to respond. To book your spot, send me an email to rosalina@remc.co.nz with your current message, describe your target audience and desired actions you would like them to take.

Marketing to your success,

Rosalina Pang. Digital Marketing Strategist.


Does this sound like a good format to promote your services?

Would you like a sounding board and a marketing specialist to look into your next crafted marketing message? Contact me and ask what our offer is to this month and how we intent to distribute this to your prospective customers! Invest in a better marketing message and get more converting customers.