The sizes of the photos we share on our social media sites matter in this digital age

To help you create the right dimension and sized graphics, we have prepared a collation of updated social media dimensions. In 2018, we are looking forward to working with our clients and offer our followers great digital marketing snippets and insights. Let’s create graphics and campaigns to build your personal and business brand following. To ensure that it looks attractive and professional, sizing graphics in brand colors and the right dimension for social media sharing in 2018 is our mantra and we would like to advocate the same to you.

The best sizes for sharing images on social media










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Page Cover photo size

For Desktop : 820px x 312px (we recommend you create this in 1920 x 731)
For Mobile : 640px x 360px

Just be mindful of to keep important features on your photo in the centre of the image as you upload on desktop version, that for mobile view would be condense and sometimes cropped away.

Profile photo size

Personal Profile Cover size

upload 170px x 170px
851px x 315px  (we recommend you create this in 1920 x 711)
Link preview size min. 600px x 314px
Photo post size 476px x varied height, a larger one gives better quality
Group Cover photo size 820px x 250px (we recommend you create this in 1920px x 585px)
Event Cover photo size 1920px x 1080px OR small graphic at 500px x 281px

Header size 1500px x 500px for Twitter header details and free template
Profile photo size 400px x 400px for New round Twitter profile picture
Tweeted Image size 1200px x 675px
Twitter Card image size 1200px x 628px

Google+ Cover photo size 1080px x 608px
Google+ Profile photo size 250px x 250px

Linkedin Photo Size 1584px x 396px
Link share size 1200px x 628px
Linkedin Picture Quotes 792px x 528px
LinkedIn profile “background” 1000px x 425px and 4000px x 1700px
Linked in profile picture 400px x 400px and 2000px x 2000px
LinkedIn photo share 1200px x 1200px
LinkedIn Company cover photo size 1536px x 768px
LinkedIn logo size 300px x 300px

Photo Size 736px x 1104px to 2060px
Profile Photo size 180px x 180px or larger
Board cover 340px x 340px
Minimum image size that can be pinned 100px x 200px

Profile Photo size 110px x 110px minimum
Photo size 1080px width

Channel Art Photo Size 1546px x 423px to 2560px x 1440px
Video Thumbnail Size 640px x 360px to 1280px x 720px
Channel Icon Size 800px x 800px

Best Picture-Perfect Image Sizes For Social Media in 2018


We hope these recommended image sizes are valuable to you. We continue to learn lots about what’s best for all the different social networks, and I’ll be happy to continue updating this post with all our latest findings.