A clear validated brand strategy helps you to stand out from competitors and capture market share. You will have an easier time reaching, engaging and retaining customers if you ensure that your brand and message truly reflects your business vision and promise to market.

Brand strategy is the backbone of a successful business. It is the cohesive vision that guides every aspect of your brand, from its identity to its messaging.

A strong brand strategy ensures that your business is effectively communicated to your target audience, creating a lasting impact and connection. Building a good brand creates a positive identity and perception in the minds of your customers and other important stakeholders e.g. potential investors, financial institutes, distributors, general public.

Whether you are marketing to domestic or international markets, creating a successful brand requires several elements: a strong impression, consistency of message, an expression of values, and a promise of your product or service.

Delivering well and measuring your brand’s performance are the key success factors to building brand value, loyalty and market share. Before you spend substantial resources, time and money on print, online media and other campaigns, ensure that you create an eective and updated brand strategy. This program will guide and support you how to develop and implement a brand strategy, and measure your brand’s performance.


Outline a Brand Strategy with a cohesive vision

With a clear and well-defined brand strategy, you can differentiate yourself from competitors, build trust and loyalty among customers, and drive business success.

Build successful brand identity with guidelines

Cultivate a flourishing brand identity and acquire the essential knowledge and tools to craft guidelines that will distinguish you from the competition.

Develop a powerful marketing message and delivery on all key channels

Empower your brand values through a consistent and impactful marketing message, delivered seamlessly across all channels.


Module 1: External Market Analysis- Scoping your competitive markets and trends

• Industry analysis and competitive assessment
• Identify target customers and dierent market segments with personality analysis
• Map out brand value promise by outlining features, benefits and emotional benefits


Module 2: Design and implement Brand Strategies

• Outline unique brand story and messaging
• Develop a brand story and strategy with a guideline
• Establish a brand message that sticks by validating it via customer focus groups
• Update brand guidelines and promise statement


Module 3: Align Brand Strategy with Marketing goals and launch plan

• Review company, product, and personal brand eectiveness
• Introduce and name new products and brand extensions on both digital and physical media
channels e.g. social media, product display and package and labeling.
• Measure brand performance with use of brand tracking and/or performance analysis to inform
future brand activities


Who should attend:

Business owners and their managers needing to build a better brand persona, translating to customer experience, engagement and retention.
Business focus priority:  To build brand loyalty and equity as a business asset.


Each module is approached as a staged approach with a commitment of 2 x 3 hours of contact time to workshop and review each learning outcomes.
This is scheduled to be completed within a 2- 3 week period. Relevant assessments and working checklists are given to you progressively.

This training program can be delivered in part with a one on one, or one to few, either in person or via video conferencing.
To commerce, we start by discussing your business objective, plan and marketing capability.

The investment for this program is NZ$3600+GST or $1200 x per module.
This program is approved for a 50% capability development grant, managed by the Regional Business Partner Network.

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