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Increased brand, service & sales awareness

Attract and build higher value transactions with customers that are right for you.

Cost savings

Less spend on non-targeted advertising and promotions and less time spent on inquiries as people build a trusted relationship with you online.

Better customers who have more loyalty

Acquire desirable customers that buy into the same vision and growing relations with you and your enterprise promise.

Build content marketing opportunity

Develop valuable content for different customer types to support their buying journey

Vaulable content is information that is relevant and appealing to your customers and prospects.

Content is the message you create and distribute to grab the buyer’s attention and lead them to their buying journey and decision.

You will complete a content marketing editorial planning template with key ingredients to help you find topics that matter, decide on content format, have a publish date and distribution plan.
We also build a brand story and workshop with you what content you can develop as a ‘lead generation magnet’ to eventually grow your lists by distributing it on your channels. I.e: Web blog, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln and other key online, social media channels or off-line channels.


Learning outcomes: 
1.Demonstrate the understanding and importance of having a content marketing plan and establish what is engaging content.

2. Identify three distinctive customers types and develop buyer personas for each of them.

3. Map out content to support customers journey with five stages.


+Prepare a content editorial plan with topics that matter.

+Decide on content form to suit your audience.

5. Create an authentic brand story 

4 hours online reading and assessment online (Revivememarketing.com) 
4 hours training (1/2 day training) with action task to complete 
1-hour follow up coaching in person or on Zoom video. 

Get Digital Marketing is delivered as a small group training with one-on-one coaching, either in person or via Zoom video conferencing. 


The investment is NZ$999+GST or $499+GST with capability development voucher. 
(Payable before training commence) 


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