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Grow Your Email List

 Grow your email list by developing lead magnets, or special offers, and promoting it

Send Engaging Email Newsletters

 Design, copy edit and craft emails that adds value to your email leads.

Nurture Your Email Leads and improve delivery

Develop automation sequences, or “drip campaigns”, to your audience to convert your leads.

Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

Move Email Marketing Leads From One Stage to the Next

A successful email marketing campaign will get the recipients to take action, engage with your business, help you to get more leads and nurture them into sales.

Email marketing the perfect tool for building customer relationships to help you generate leads and sales. In the workshop, you will learn the skills and confidence to use or enhance your email marketing activities.

This program focus on the use of MailChimp or Klaviyo for small business. It goes through the setup of your eNewsletter template and content plan, importing your current customer list, integrating it onto your website for subscribers and launch a leads generation campaign with a 3-day email marketing and promotional campaign.


Learning outcomes: 
1. Understand what is email marketing and the different types.
2. Select best email marketing automation service for your business size and list growing goals.
3. Action a sales and marketing campaign with email to promote your product of services to new prospects and existing customers with a time or event-based offering.


+Set up automated welcome email for your eNewsletter
+Action a 3-day email marketing and promotional campaign.
+Extend a promotional campaign to new prospects.


4 hours online reading and assessment online (Revivememarketing.com)
4 hours training (1/2 day training) with action task to complete
1-hour follow up coaching in person or on Zoom video.

Get Digital Marketing is delivered as a small group training with one-on-one coaching, either in person or via Zoom video conferencing.

The investment is NZ$999+GST or $499+GST with capability development voucher.
(Payable before training commence)


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