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Revive Me Women in Business

Revive Me Women in Business Group Mentoring is a membership program for women in professions with specialist skills and business owners who are committed to learning business development, marketing skills with accountability, through peer group support,  insight and wisdom shared.

Who Is This For?

Are you a woman in business with growing ambitions?
Or you would be wise with years of enterprise and entrepreneurial experience, looking to connect with a positive and energetic group of women, to grow your wealth and abundance frequency. By sharing of knowledge, we recognise and celebrate collective action to illuminate each other’s enterprise, while growing our feminine wisdom and leadership.

Challenges women in businesses face

There are always challenging issues in our life and business. Often, we may feel trapped, isolated and annoyed when things don’t go our way. Our group meetings are about sharing and hearing about those challenges and what we are focusing on in the month while celebrating our success. We provide a sounding board for each other, offer constructive feedback, and workshop on ways to improve and enhance our business and working life.


We are committed to empowering women in business. Members support each other through an exchange of networks, peer mentoring and business collaborations. Our vision is to become an inspiring and motivating entrepreneurial community of women, stepping into a feminine leadership and engaging with a global community to exchange with one another in business ideas, promotions, and trade.
• Share business vision and focus
• Be an inspiration. Grow your influence as a passionate female entrepreneur
• Prosper in business  and connections with future-focused actions


Accelerate business growth and personal success through mutual collaboration. Giving and receiving peer support, build wealth network by exchanging knowledge, resources, and growth opportunities.

Join Us!

Join us and learn how to be better business owners or professions, create better systems, build valuable relationships with our clients, vendors, and even with competitors.

Workshop and Discussion Topics for the year

1. Set your abundance intention and flow with growing values

ABUNDANCE ☆ Recognise and celebrate collective action. INTENTION ☆ Setting your intentions and standards COMPLIANCE ☆ Taking advantage or and capitalise on changes around you.
Review how we are going to spend our time and set a weekly rhythm. Let go and release past and actions that don’t serve us anymore and be future-focus with growing values.

2.Digital footprint

On personal branding and business authority
What is your brand story and promise? Do you have a clear and update USP (Unique selling proposition) that is clearly articulated on and offline? How do we striking a balance between frequency and recency to convey the problems you are solving and gains to your community and clients

3. Lead generation system and flow

A closer look at top 3 key market and sales channels in a review of our leads generation system and efforts, both offline and online to grow our business. Attract, Capture, Nurture, Close.

4.Develop Better Sales Offers and Promotions

Offers become desirable if they are exclusive, valuable and irresistible. Workshop sales and marketing objectives, craft sales offer and landing page and marketing material. Bring a past, existing or new offer on the table for group discussion.

5.Set Social Media Sales Campaigns

Increase efficiency by using online tools, outsourcing, joint promotions, and bundling. Create your message and campaign.

6. Average transaction value

Focus on improving the quality of the goods and services so that the higher price set is justifiable.

7. Transaction frequency and customer service

Ways to increase sales and service to existing customers. Build a better roadmap for your customer journey and engagement.

8. Reviewing cost of goods sold (COGS) & Overheads

Review current systems and processes to ensure they are cost-effective and efficient, to increase profit margin without having to alter the prices.

9. Know your planning

Review your future focus and abundance mindset. Are you living your growing values?
Have a clear end goal in mind and take the time to plan your steps towards it.

10. Prioritise and schedule your plan for execution

Set KPIs to keep track Review and reflect on every milestone Make tweaks and changes to your schedule and execution for improved efficiency

11. Developing Excellent Relationships

Multiply yours and others’ well-being by investing in relationships Understand what is strategic relationship development Build quality and influential relationships

This program is approved for 50% funding from Regional Business Partner Network’s Training and Capability Development Scheme.  A program of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

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Course available for NZTE 50% funding

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