Create amazing content that is shareable

Creating amazing content is a conscious choice. Content marketers make this choice every day, as they decide what to craft and publish on their organization’s blogs and social media platforms.

They know what great content is; something that educates entertains, or inspires their readers and followers; it is content that gets conversions, gets published on a regular basis by their followers and will be responded to and shared with their connections.

The problem is this: There is a lot of great content out there that is published every day. To stand out from the others means to go beyond the “great” and to enter the realm of “incredible,” (or awesome) that place where content is so engaging and compelling that readers cannot ignore it and must share. How do you get to this place?

Reading activity| Resourced from http://www.incomediary.com/amazing-content

9 Steps to Shareable Content Your Readers Will LOVE! 

  1. Shareable Content Is Original
  2. Shareable Content Has Killer Headlines!
  3. Shareable Content Is Actionable
  4. Always Source Your Information
  5. Engage, Engage, Engage
  6. Provide Interactivity
  7. Turn Text into Visuals Whenever Possible
  8. Have a Joke or Quote of the Day Posts on Social Media
  9. Content Upgrades are Popular, Downloaded, and Share