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Rosalina Pang with Get Digital Marketing course participants.
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Hi Rosalina Pang here. I am a digital marketing strategist,  trainer and consultant. Together with my remote and international team of 7,  we offer digital marketing training, website redesign, content, social media and video marketing services to change making, wellness and innovation focused businesses to grow your positive impact. Through digital marketing, you can accelerate the process to reach your financial goals! 

We are passionate about raising you and your team’s marketing confidence.
Let us help you to free up the most precious resource…. your time and creativity.  Engage us to:

1. Grow your personal and business brand attraction
2. Build sales and marketing confidence with an automated funnel 
3. Nurture your prospects through content, grow your social media attraction and  convert your followers into customers.

Invest your time and efforts wisely, in a 12 week ‘Get Digital Marketing’ Accelerator Program.  This popular training offers a complete framework, checklist and template and diagnostic assessments to:

✔ Outline your growth objectives to achieve them
✔ Identify new opportunities you may not be aware of
✔ Take action on them, in the smartest way to save you time

Let’s Get Digital Marketing, and accelerate both your business and personal success, financial and time freedom goals!

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Accelerate your business success online!

A digital accelerator program to transform your web, social media and content marketing into a sales engine


Get ahead of the game! Create a winning strategy with proven structure support, yet flexible enough to meet your needs. Get guidance to keep you on track and measure your successful actions with insights. Checkmate!

Website Upgrade

Convert your website into a sales-generating engine! Turn it on with our '9 points homepage essentials checklist'.  Update web SEO and set-up your conversion goals.

Target Audience

Connect on Social. Set up a better Social Media Marketing  Plan. Build a following and an engaged community. Make it easy for people to refer and trade with you.


Build your marketing funnel. Create valuable content to educate prospective customers looking for your solution. Increase your customer database, interest list and sales funnel.

Course Format and Requirements 


Simple and Straightforward

We synthesized all the information and reading required to provide you with clear direction on what you need to know and do. We have both online Learning and Live training for you to access your lessons and take actions week-by-week.

Focus Actions

We only focus on what will make the most impact for your business so you can have the time and money to do the things that truly matter.

Personalised Support

When you get stuck, every 2nd and 4th Thursday or Friday, book a 30min one-on-one guidance from me or one of our digital marketing trainers. There are no silly questions. You will also get access to my creative, web development and writing team to support your acceleration.

Time and Commitment

3 hours a week to read, review and be present for 2-hour group training every 1st and 3rd Friday morning, commit to taking the actions we recommend to you.

If you can’t be present physically, you can attend it online. The training session will be recorded for you.

Accountability Group

To encourage co-learning and motivation, we set up a peer support channel with a closed Facebook group. This is a space to share your ideas, review each others week and celebrate what you have implemented through the program.

What our customers say…

We love working with our customers, contributing to their confidence and success through our programs.

Going through this program has resulted in better brand and marketing processes and sales! Fuel 360 now has social media, CRM and attractive company and product collaterals with social proof – customer testimonials on video! I would recommend Rosalina and both programs –Completed Get Digital Marketing & Appraising New Markets Program.
Andrew Fardon

Director, Fuel 360 Taranaki

I was in charge of digital and online marketing for a few of the Business we manage and wanted some training on the best means to engage our customers while preparing social media and an integrated marketing plan. The course was valuable and a good size/scale to fit in with a busy workload. -Completed Get Digital Marketing (All four modules)
Helena Williams

Marcoms Advisor, Previous Exec. Asst at Chillaxing Ltd

The program has given me business confidence and I now have packages structured to promote my interior decor services, which is updated on my website and social media. I highly recommend taking the course with Rosalina with guidance and business coaching.
Enrolled in Get Digital Marketing and Women in Business Coaching
Lian Brownson

Interior Designer, Lian Brownson Interior Designs

Both training and capability development programs had been recommended to me by Venture Taranaki as I want to increase my export market to the products I have been selling online on other eCommerce platforms. It has been insightful and I am taking ideas into actions and now have a plan to work on. Enrolled in Get Digital Marketing and Appraising New Markets
Ed Morgan

Exporting Entrepreneur, NZ Naturally

Approved Service provider of NZTE’s Training Capability Scheme

Delivering 50% funded
Training and Capability Development


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