Are you an authority?

How do we quickly establishing ourselves as a go-to person in our industry?

This term was introduced to me in 2012 when I bought the best selling book “Become a Key person of Influence’ (KPI) by Daniel Priestley.

The book explains how to get into the inner circle of any industry fast. I was drawn to the concept of 5 steps to become highly valued and paid person in my industry. (Click here for a free 2 chapters download to KPI ebook) 

  1. The first step is PITCH, communicate your idea, service or product well! ( a powerful pitch convince and gets others excited!)
  2. Next is to PUBLISH content and write about the problem that you are solving (Blogs, articles, reports for getting your message to audience)
  3. Turn your niche skills, talents and ideas into hot PRODUCTS that people love to buy.(Produce unique and valuable ways to get the right mix of product to market.)
  4. Raise your PROFILE. Stand out and be recognized! (Get active and build a profile for your business and ideas)
  5. Build PARTNERSHIPS. Collaborate and achieve with others. (Scale your business and brand through partnerships)

For the first two years of re-establishing myself as a marketing consultant in a new country, I had my fears.

My fears were about the steep hill to climb of establishing credibility as I didn’t have too many networks and past clients projects I could showcase. How am I going to be visible? Will I be able to pay the bills? Who did I want to work with, who is willing to work with me? I was trying really hard to not try too hard. Cold calling,  finding the right connections, making connections but not pitching what I stood for and why should people work with me.

I did not have any other working partners that can market me as an authority in my business as a marketing consultant. I was, however, doing well with my belly dancing classes. Then I ask myself why? What was the stigma I had that stops me from branding myself as a marketer? Is it the competition and idealism that people don’t pay for quality consulting? Or is it the fact that I had to gain credibility and build trust again?

I realize I wasn’t in the flow.

I wasn’t focused in one area that I could present the greatest value in.

Taking a stand

Now, after 5 years of internal struggle, I made my decision on who I want to serve.

I want to support entrepreneurs who are innovative, I want to support women in business who are out there on their own, going through the same challenges I had prior. I want to work with successful business owners to develop better brands, communicate and deliver information via digital and mobile media. For my belly dance classes, I took a stand on empowering women in dance.

For my marketing business, I finally took a stand in supporting entrepreneurs and organisation who are dedicated connecting with their audience in new media.

The following is an extract from a newsletter that I received from Roger Hamilton, successful serial and social entrepreneur. (He has not multiple businesses and multiple team to support the Entrepreneur movement. I have taken up the training to be an Entrepreneur Mentor and my vision is to help entrepreneurs build global businesses and make a difference throught my specialisation in Digital Marketing )

What is your personal identity?


When we stand for something, we stop falling for everything. When we create a position – like in a game of football – we no longer chase the ball and people start passing the ball to us: We go from action to attraction.

Being an authority means being the No.1 go-to person in a particular niche, whether that is based on your passion, purpose, expertise, industry or location. It starts with making a decision to stay focused in one area to be of greatest value in that area to others.

Being an authority allows you to be an author of your own story. Until you make that stand, you’re only ever a part-player in someone else’s story.

The moment you make that stand, you stop chasing and losing your way, and you begin building yourself as a lighthouse lighting the way for others.

Here’s a poignant quote:

Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all others were making ships.~ Charles Simic


To be successful is to be getting in to flow. Take a stand today and to keep focus on creating and delivering value.