Module 1: Homepage Essentials and Makeover

Thank you for enrolling in our 1st module


Review your website’s purpose, set goals, usability, convert it and attract more customers!

In part one of this Module, let’s review your existing website, its purpose,  usability, target audience and conversion goals. We will also identify opportunities to enhance and develop it with our ‘9 point homepage essentials’.

In part two, we will look at your current search engine rank position (SERP), review how people find your website (Traffic sources) and what information they are looking for when they visit.

Next, we will show you search engine optimisation best practice for the busy professionals, review opportunity for online advertising and setting up a budget, especially if you have an eCommerce business.

Timeline Overview & Delivery: 

Week 1:
We will send you an onboarding meeting in person or online prior to start of our group training with access via Zoom (online web training).  Please review the course content before our 1st scheduled training.

Week 2:
Our first training. This for us to follow up on your progress and answer any questions you might have and offer personalised follow up support and suggestions.

Week 3:
You will start to update and make updates to your website profile and home page and action on the opportunities for SEO and search.

Week 4:
We have our second scheduled meeting for the month to review your actions and decisions.

Please allocate between 5-8 hours of self-directed review, digest and implement the actions on each module. Suggested timelines are provided for each part. A closed Facebook group will be set-up for you to connect and mastermind with each other for support. If you can’t make the time options for our group meetings or missed them. We will post the recordings the after our meetings for your private access by email and onto our closed facebook group.


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