Homepage Essentials-Convert your website to a sales engine

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Let’s convert your homepage, also knows as landing page, into a sales engine.
For your homepage to convert into a sales engine, it must have the 9 essential ingredients.
In the free mini course, we go over with you the first 5 ingredients.
There are review questions which you will have to complete before moving on the next questions. If you don’t know the answers to the questions, it is automatically saved and you can come back to review them when you do.

1. A Company Logo and Captivating Headline that sings your unique value proposition
2. Persona Focus Design and Copy that addresses their pains and gains
3. Impeccable Content And Language That Connects
4. Use Trust Indicators To Build Trust And Assurance
5. Use Strong Calls-to-Action

Opportunity to get support and review
We will like the opportunity to facilitate with you and look at your website and the changes you have completed so far by taking the free online course. To do that, you can book a 30 minutes Homepage Essentials Review.

6 to 9 ingredients:

6. Links on site menu with a list of the critical content to link to
7. Images and videos related to the content with good flow
8. SEO audit and action guide to increase your searching rankings
9. Test and optimise your website for mobile viewing with right styling