#2 Persona Focus Design and Copy

#2, Persona Focus Design and Copy

Do you have on your homepage the following elements?

  • Secondary Headline ENGAGES the reader’s attention with a sub-headline that builds on a headline that persuades the reader to continue further.
  • Information that caters to the customer segment as the key audience that you are trying to attract.
  • Colors, fonts, and images that communicate well with the pleasant online user experience.

If you don’t know your buyer persona through and through then chances are you are just adding elements and creating copy for a “fictional” user based on the guesses. The guesstimate is a risky business. The problem is, as this fictional “User” could be a geek or older person with a poor vision, the result could be a cluttered homepage with a heap of features that don’t really suit anyone’s actual needs. Therefore, do a prior research on your target audience, know their behavior and choose the design and copy fittingly.

Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.com/
A website with a simple search bar for the people who are looking for the accommodation with local experiences – perfect design with no fuss, direct search to book home stays in city areas. There is accommodation list outside of city areas, though the focus is for travelers that want an authentic stay with local hosts.

Do you like their website? Think about your favorite website that you personally use to seek information or purchase regularly from. What is it that draws your repeat visitation and transaction? Do you read it with excitement for your next travel experience?

Let’s look at your own website now. 

Homepage Essentials #2 Focus Design and Copy

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