Get Digital Marketing Accelerator Program – Fast track your business into the digital age!

Get ahead. Be profitable. Build a solid Digital Marketing Funnel.


Get Digital Marketing is a 12-week Accelerator program (3 months) for busy entrepreneurs, SMBs, and their staff, who want to get smarter with their digital marketing and want to implement foolproof plans to their business for better sales and service to their customers. By following this program, you will take concrete actions to build a sales engine for your web and social media actions. This program is for people who want to generate tangible results by taking action. Your business may also qualify for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise capability funding (50% subsidy).


Delivered over four modules, we cover Website Marketing, SEO and Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content, and Email Marketing, and Mobile Marketing. Get Digital Marketing Program is purposefully paced. You will need to commit 3 hours a week to take action.

Program Objectives

To accelerate your business success, Get Digital Marketing program is designed to work with you to

  • Build a digital marketing specific plan.
  • Convert your website and social media marketing to sales conversion system.
  • Identify new opportunities you may not be aware of.
  • Integrate both offline and online marketing and PR actions.
  • Take action on them, in the smartest way to save your time.

Get Direction & Guidance for weekly action & support for Digital Marketing Actions

Rosalina and her team of associates have been working with a wide range of sectors to refresh business and e-commerce websites, content, social media, publish and market mobile apps. We act as your sounding board, keep you on track and focused to complete the required work to effectively to grow market reach, social interactions, and sale numbers.

Trends & Skill sets

Identify the latest digital marketing trends and skill sets needed for today’s marketers

Implement a Plan

Build a structure to implement a plan, set processes and manage your digital marketing actions

Assets & Goals

Evaluate the importance of your digital marketing assets and prioritise according to your business goals

Maximise Marketing Efforts

Learn how to effectively use different inbound and social media channels to maximise your marketing efforts

Explore Analytics

Explore the vital role of analytics in your online marketing efforts and to get an edge over your competitors

Sticking to Plan

Learn about the challenges faced by marketers and how to overcome them by sticking to a great marketing plan

Who Is This Program For?

Get digital marketing program is for entrepreneurs and small medium-sized businesses that want to grow their sales and profits via digital marketing

Most of you would have a web and social media presence but have not considered a digital marketing strategy. Since most of you are time-starved business owners, we created this program for you to get clear direction, have support and take right actions with just 3 hours each week.

You would be changing careers or starting a new business. You want to build a solid Digital Marketing Funnel as soon as possible.

Time and Money

You have invested time and money on building website, company, and product brand

Automate Sales & Marketing

You want to a conversion system to automate your sales and marketing to make more 24/7


You might have a growing number of followers on social media

Social Media Promotions

You want to set up a plan for yourself or team to get more sales through social media promotions

Convert Followers into Customers

You would like to convert your followers into customers and loyal advocates by showing them a clear pathway

Time & Freedom

You want more time and freedom to do those things that matter


  • Each module is a staged approach and divided into two main parts.
  • The time commitment for each module is 2 x 2 hours of contact time, and 3-4 hours self-directed reading and review, to be completed online each week.
  • The modules’ content is delivered to you here on our website, with a scheduled live training, recorded for your review.
  • We use Zoom, a video conferencing application with private meeting room URL will be issued to you.
  • The follow-up communications are via email and meetings via zoom are recorded

A Customer Testimonial

 Andrew Fardon of Fuel 360 Taranaki shares the digital and social media marketing challenges he faced and how working with me through ‘Get Digital Marketing’ Accelerator program has been helpful to learn, keep on track and create value in his business with the view of value and succession planning.

Program Dates

1st    March    2018

This course is available on NZTE website

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  • The investment for the program is NZD $3800+GST full payment or NZD $3600+GST (before 12th February 2018).or 3 months installment plans at NZD$ 1266+GST (Billed by automatic payments through credit card)
  • GST is applicable for New Zealand based companies.
  • If you are GST registered, you may be eligible to apply for NZTE’s Regional Business Partners Capability Development Vouchers scheme to receive 50% funding.