Get Social Media Marketing

Getting social right by aligning your social and business goals first, then set up post and campaign actions.

Getting social right in your business can have a huge impact.

The importance of social media continues to grow and change how we communicate with one another. As business owners, it is not your job to be on social media ALL the time. Unless, your critical business delivery depends on it. i.e: You are a social media coordinator 100%, content marketing, posting and customer service is what you are engaged to do.

Facebook Advertising Campaign Setup & Maintenance Package

Struggling to set up Facebook Ads that converts?

So, you finally decided to setup a Facebook advertising campaign to reach more customers and increase sales. But, you haven’t had a single like or engagement, and no single customer has come in. It looks like Facebook Ads don’t work and you just wasted your money.

Facebook ads have been working for other businesses. Then, why isn’t it working for you?

Facebook ads are not just about boosting a post. To win at Facebook advertising, your ads must be setup to reach your prospective customers and communicate to their pains and show how you provide the solution by social telling and story.  If you like an expert help to setup converting ad campaigns, We can help!

Get Facebook ads done for you with either one of these campaigns

  • Website Traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Awareness
  • Post Engagement
  • Online Store Visits
  • App Installations
  • Event Promotion, and more.

When setting up your ads, we will do an in-depth and Audience Research to reach your prospects by demographic, interest, & behavior, then expertly set up your fb ads for maximum conversion.

Stop Wasting Money! Let us help you use your ad budget effectively!

  • Our monthly package services starts from:
  • $599/month | 4 social posts/wk |1 campaign with 2 Ad sets with split testing
  • $699/month | 2 campaigns with 3 Ad sets with video ad
  • *Advertising credits not included
example of FB ad campaign set up by revive me marketing

. Social Media Jumpstart &
Facebook Marketing Rescue Package
for Small business owners and your team.

Need to set better social media actions?

Been getting on your own and plateau with limited traction with post and ads? When trying to generate traction socially to drive more social action, leads or sales? 

Start with an audit and plan!

Revive Me Marketing has a Social Media Rescure Package for each channel. It could be Facebook, Instagram and or Linkedin personal or company profile. Package from $599 +GST per social media plan and profile update and post plan and promotion for the month

Get your Facebook or Linkedin profile professionally done for you!

Want to learn how to do it yourself? We can set it up right with a Plan and Rescue package with  so you can set clear directions and purposeful social media actions, post and social campaign that is purposeful and measured.  Ask us about our management capabality co-funded training for NZ businesses from $625+GST

Our Four-Step Approach



Audit your social media presence

Identify gaps & opportunities

Update Profile


Set  your goals

Select Networks

Build Content Plan


Engage your social media presence

Set-up workflow for content, and response capture
Publish & Share


Measure your progress

Identify Metrics
View Insights and tools

Identify right metrics to measure

  • Business Goals
  • Brand Awareness
  • Thought Leadership
  • Word of Mouth
  • Leads
  • Sales
  • Social Goals
  • Reach
  • Comments, Inbound Links
  • Shares, Retweets
  • Form Files
  • Online Purchase
  • Metrics
  • Total Impressions
  • Mentions
  • Reshare, Retweets
  • Volume
  • Conversions

Need to refresh your website or build a new one for better sales conversion? Perhaps a brand update with guidelines as well?

Let us do the work and help save you wasted time with trial and error!
We ensure that your homepage is designed with our homepage essentials framework.

Our web design packages start from $660+GST for a small business and the popular package is Enterprise starts from $1200+GST. On going SEO and monthly search ads management is available and proposed according to your business and competitive needs.

Our branding and logo design with guideline starts with a consult with a brand specialist and extend of development will depend on your market needs, product and service category. 

For a full website, brand set-up or redesign. Please visit our SmartMarketWeb development website for a complete customer profile, case studies and examples

Complete an online assessment and 

Book a Strategy Session

  • Recreating your brand promise and value proposition
  • Refresh your website with the right mix with a ‘Homepage Essentials’ assessment
  • Planning  your content marketing and advertising strategy
  • Find new market channels for sales and distributions
  • Activate sales campaigns with social and video marketing
  • Set achievable targets and tactics to connect with your desired audiences, media and grow client base.
  • Get up skilled with workshop and training with Accelerator Program for Entrepreneurs and SMBs

Start moving your marketing in the right direction today!