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For businesses and producers of products looking to expand into new and overseas markets


Assess your market capability

Define or update your business model with an internal SWOT analysis

Review competitive market environment

Analyse and select product and service delivery system

Size market potential

Evaluate distribution networks and demand trends


Are you sizing your business growth and sales opportunities for expansion into new local or overseas markets?


Do you have aspirations to grow your business?

Before you invest in developing or adding new products or services, our Appraising New and Growing Markets business and marketing training program will help you make informed decisions, reduce market risk, select the most viable markets to grow your business,  to create a distinct brand.


Module 1: Internal business assessment and market capability analysis for new markets

• Assess competitive advantage with internal SWOT analysis and update business model.
• Prepare qualitative market research on market opportunity, prospective customers’ needs, buying behaviors and triggers.


Module 2: Review competitive market environment

• Conduct a competitive scan and analysis of your products and service delivery systems.
• Review promotional and distribution strategy of competitors.


Module 3: Size market potential, potential distribution networks and evaluate and select best market entry strategy

• Identify attractive market segments, established industry associations, potential growth, and market size.
• Conduct PEST analysis and validate the market.


Module 4: Create a more competitive brand value and attraction to target market

• Refine business and product brand with updated service descriptions.
• Prepare market entry, promotions and customer focus plan.

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