WARNING! Some Business May NOT Survive The Digital Age

The Internet has changed the workforce quite a bit and your business/ industry is likely to be affected (even if you have a traditional, brick-and-mortar business). Think about it — do you know anyone who has never made a purchase online?

How often do you hear people talk about their online research before they purchase something (even if they end up making the purchase in person)? Even if you don’t plan on conducting sales online, you’ll want to have a website where people can go for information about your business.

Most small and medium-sized businesses with web and social media presence do not consider a digital marketing strategy. Some business may not survive the digital economy with how rapid consumer adoption is to instant quotes and order fulfilments online.

Internationally, 2/3 business may not survive in the next 10 years.
In New Zealand, Statistics NZ Business operations survey in 2016 shows that 69% of businesses have a website, 72% have internet sales. Without of doubt, with faster internet fiber, on-demand services, internet sales, and order fulfillment are going to raise. Businesses and industries will see more disruptions in the market with sharing economies, time to market is shortening and consumer expectations are rising.

A Good Digital Marketing Strategy is Necessary to Ensure Survival of Your Business

Most business owners have invested in a website,  company and product branding, and gained followers on social media;

The challenge is to have a systematic process to convert visitors from various channels into sales.

Often business owners have not set a budget for digital marketing development or connect effectively to an online audience. Probably because they have a sales team and established channels. Or it could be a case of generational indifference, that their customer base is old-school, personal referrals or advertising has worked for the last decade, so it is a case of  ‘why change what is not broken’ mentality.

Are you keeping up with your communications and marketing processes in this digital economy?

With consumers demand raising and personalization is a growing expectation, what are your digital marketing development efforts? Do you have them sussed or are you drowning in the sea of information overwhelm?

Marketing is the process of creating your brand, communicating your story and exchange of value to meet market demand and desire.

Digital Marketing has changed the traditional marketing landscape and created an omnichannel experience. The way people search for products and services have changed. We all search for something or someone via our mobile device and make assumptions based on what we can find digitally before we decide to trade. Customer’s reviews, orders, and desires are fulfilled on the web, an app or social media channel.

Watch this video by World Economic Forum on insights into the impact of digital technologies on business and wider society over the next decade.

For your business success, and with limited time and budget, we have observed that most SMB business owners don’t yet have a clear digital marketing plan or direction. Consumers and business behaviors have advanced with technology and flow of information, also known as the ‘Internet of things’ IoT.  Industries are being disrupted by instantaneous, on-demand services, autonomous information and the sharing economy is the part of the new wave. The vehicle is through digital mediums.

Are You Lagging Behind?

We know you have limited time, but to ignore and sideline digital marketing would not be a wise decision.
This might affect your customers’ loyalty since they would also sideline your business and start following someone else more proactively. Let’s see the top four statistics and digital trends before going further:

  • 57 percent of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative — HubSpot
  • Marketing technology spend is now higher than advertising spend for companies — Gartner
  • Nearly one-third or 2.34 billion people worldwide regularly use social networks — eMarketer
  • On average, B2B marketers allocate 28 percent of their total marketing budget to content marketing — Content Marketing Institute

The statistics mentioned above clearly convey the importance of digital marketing, and after reading them, you can NOT give a blind eye to the fact that a successfully done digital marketing could quadruple your bottom-line.

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